Distribution of leading brands

Leading branded products offer high benefits to our customers, because on the one hand they combine quality, safety and warranty and on the other hand they create trust by the competent range profile and the brand recognition at the POP. Our brands offer added value and lead to a high customer satisfaction.

Efficient procurement marketing

We close gaps in supplies of our brand range by global procurement of products that we add. We monitor and analyse strategically important manufacturing markets and design relations to our suppliers in a fashion so that the need of our customers can be satisfied entirely. Manufacturing trade marks and price-sensitive promotion offers are also part of our service package.

High processing competence

Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) is at the centre of our business processes. Our policy of ongoing improvement results in the prevention of wastage of energy and unnecessary duplication, at the same time reducing the incidence of errors, which we additionally support with the latest technical tools.

PoP Management

We attach great importance to maintenance and support at the PoP. We support the modification, realignment and presentation of basic, trendy, promotion or seasonal articles. In addition, we attend to shop concepts, PoP auditing and coaching, price comparisons, internal and external benchmarking and mystery shopping. Particular emphasis is placed on the appropriate training of sales personnel, since this leads to increased customer satisfaction at the PoP.

Electronic networking

The basic aim of electronic data interchange (EDI) is a fully automated communication process. More and more customers send us their orders via EDI and, in turn, we use this electronic system to send them our order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices. A few major customers have online access to the inventory status and information on current demand through our vendor managed inventory (VMI) system. This improves performance within the supply chain and offers our customers a big additional advantage. This electronic networking system reduces repetitive work and eliminates the majority of errors.