Together we are stronger

We work in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. Through our competence and loyalty we want to be a universally preferred partner.

Our team makes a decisive difference

We start every day with our principle of simply doing more. Optimised processes, a pleasant working environment and a modern style of management lead to a high level of employee satisfaction and increase the quality of our service.

We aim for maximum success

A wide range of goods, combined with high quality service, ensures successful business development in the long term. Success makes us an attractive and soundly-based enterprise for market partners, employees and investors.

Fair play is our motto

We respect our competitors, appreciate what they do, negotiate fairly and pursue a policy of openness. We honor success and accept failures in a spirit of fair play.

People and environment are important to us

Our manufacturers comply with generally accepted social and ecological conditions. In particular, we favour goods with eco certificates (such as FSC or Ökotex). We do not tolerate child labour.

We are reliable and transparent

Our honest and clear position makes our attitude predictable. We are dependable, conscientious and aware of our responsibilities. You can rely on us.